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 VDX6460 License Migration from broken chassis

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fwittig posted 04-13-2021 18:24

Hey Guy’s,


may be anyone know about, if it’s possbile to migrate the 40G port license from a “not booting” VDX 6470 to another spare modell.

Thanks in advance


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This is not possible as the license is locked into the Node ID or Chassis ID. The only option is to contact the support/ RMA service and have the license transferred. 

Do you know exactly what is broken with your VDX6740? It is out of support I guess? 


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thank you for your Answer. Sure, it’s out of warranty since certain time :-(

The Device is not fully booting, it’s comming to the Bootloader and than try to load the os.

This will fail with some errors, looks like Flash is corrupt or something. Before the Device total stop working, it reboot’s random from time to time afer a day, after a week. So my it can be Memory problem also.