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 Can we add more than 256 MAC filter entries if i using more than two SSID on CloudIQ Connect?

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Saravana inflow posted 09-16-2021 14:05

Suppose if i using more than two SSID means, we can add more than 256 MAC Filter on Cloud IQ Connect Right?

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Sam Pirok

I wouldn’t recommend that, the limit is in place because having an AP trying to run as normal and maintain a MAC filter list longer than that will have serious impacts on the performance of the AP. If you need to filter for a larger array of MAC addresses, I’d suggest doing this via your firewall or a content filter instead. 

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Hi Saravana,


If there is more MAC-related control you need to have going on, I’d recommend considering MAC authentication, either RADIUS-driven or NAC-driven (A3 or EAC if we talk about Extreme). This might help authorize devices in a more scalable way, it is the RADIUS service that is going to respond to the AP either with ACCESS-REJECT or additional attribute saying a certain device is allowed/disallowed to join. Furthermore, you can provide many other differentiators and make the response be different depending on some criteria such as time or location.


Hope that helps,