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 The old hive community forum

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tobias.s.jonsson posted 04-20-2020 09:28

Is there any link to the old community forums? I was under the impression that the old content would be migrated but this forum pages as just two questions.


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Ron Huygens

Hello Tobias,


The old community forums will be migrated to this platform. We are currently in the migration process.

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Any idea on timeline of this migration? there is at least 1 article i need to access to help with setting up my organizations CloudIQ/AP’s. Every time i click the link to read the article, i get sent to extreme portal and the article is no place to be found.

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  you might get lucky by trying the Cached Google result. this has got me out of trouble on a few occasions.

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Ron Huygens

Good news!

The majority of the old Aerohive Community Forums has been migrated and will be available this week.

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Paul Wang

The legacy Aerohive Community has been migrated to the “Migrated Aerohive Community”  section.

See this: