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 command for showing uptime VDX 6470 switch

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uberuberuber33 posted 09-13-2020 09:53

Hello all,

Does anyone know what is the command for showing the device uptime for VDX 6470 switch? The firmware version I am currently using is v7.2.x

For Cisco equipment, the command to show the uptime is show version. So what is the equivalent command for VDX 6740 switch?


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show chassis 

show chassis  rbridge-id $X


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Ivan Chan

The command to see the Uptime for this switch is in the output of Show System.

VDX6740# sh system
Stack MAC                     : 50:eb:1a:2a:0f:d8

  -- UNIT 0 --
Unit Name                     : VDX6740
Switch Status                 : Online
Hardware Rev                  : 131.7
TengigabitEthernet Port(s)    : 48
FortyGigabitEthernet Port(s)  : 4
Up Time                       : up 10 days 23:09                        << ===============  Up Time
Current Time                  : 16:45:25 GMT
NOS Version                   : 7.2.0d
Jumbo Capable                 : yes
Burned In MAC                 : SW/0 [50:EB:1A:2A:0F:D9], SW/1 [50:EB:1A:2A:0F:D8]
Management IP                 :
Management Port Status        : UP



Where in the output of show chassis, Time Awake is the approximation of the uptime for the switch.

VDX6740# sh chassis

Power Consume Factor:   0
Factory Part Num:       40-1000927-06
Factory Serial Num:     CPL2529K16B
Manufacture:            Day:  6  Month:  7  Year: 14
Update:                 Day: 12  Month:  9  Year: 2020
Time Alive:             1441 days
Time Awake:             10 days                         <<<«   ================ Awake in days

Airflow direction : Port side EXHAUST



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Hello Ivan Chan,


Thanks a lot for your help! Much appreciated that!