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 Assign VLAN Name

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Russ posted 03-19-2021 02:50


I’m creating a couple new VLANs. The method is different on a VDX where you apply the # interface vlan x, and in that configuration context according to the documentation you should be able to apply a logical name using the # name logical_name command, but I don’t see that anywhere in the cli! 

From the documentation

Assign the name "marketing" to VLAN 1000:
device# configure
device(config)# interface vlan 1000
device(config-Vlan-1000)# name marketing


From my switch (there’s no name command)

SYD4-PN-SW05(config)# interface Vlan 5
SYD4-PN-SW05(config-Vlan-5)# ?
Possible completions:
  description         Interface specific description
  do                  Run an operational-mode command
  exit                Exit from current mode
  help                Provide help information
  ip                  The Internet Protocol (IP).
  mac                 Configure MAC parameters
  no                  Negate a command or set its defaults
  private-vlan        Configure vlan as private vlan
  pwd                 Display current mode path
  rspan-vlan          Configure the vlan as rspan vlan
  spanning-tree       Spanning tree commands
  top                 Exit to top level and optionally run command

  transport-service   Set tlsid for Transparent vlan

Am I missing something here?


NOS version is  4.1.3d

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Mick Day

Hi Russ,

In this instance you would use ‘description’

In your example:

SYD4-PN-SW05(config)# interface vlan 5
SYD4-PN-SW05(config-Vlan-5)# description marketing

In later versions of NOS it also has the option: ‘name’



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Thanks Mick