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 VDX6740 VE Interface issue

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BS Choi posted 05-21-2021 09:04

Hi everyone,

I configured VRF and Static routing using ve interface. The VLAN is inactive but ve interface status is up.

 Is is possible to force the VE to go down when the VLAN is INACTIVE?


sw0# show vlan 500
VLAN             Name            State                      Ports           Classification
(F)-FCoE                                                    (u)-Untagged
(R)-RSPAN                                                   (c)-Converged
(T)-TRANSPARENT                                             (t)-Tagged
================ =============== ========================== =============== ====================
500              VLAN0500        INACTIVE(member port down) Te 2/0/5(u)


sw0# show ip interface brief rbridge-id 2

Flags:  U - Unnumbered interface
Interface                          IP-Address         Vrf                               Status                 Protocol
==========================         ==========         ==================                ====================   ========
Ve 500                            test                              up                     up


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Michael Andreas Dinius



  The VE will stay up / up on a VDX while there is an active up ISL as there could be active interfaces on other RBridges.