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 Using XIQ templates to add an IP to a VLAN ?

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Jack Kelly posted 05-14-2021 19:52

Title says it all. We’ve recently adopted ExtremeCloud IQ to manage/provision a fleet of EXOS switches with very similar configs. The main difference between each switch is the IP address on the routing VLAN.


My team’s been scouring the XIQ console for hours and we cannot for the life of us figure out where the equivalent of ‘config vlan [name] ipaddress [ip]’ resides in the template config.

Can anyone provide any insight?

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Dilraj Singh Khalsa

I don’t think it's possible via GUI options yet. As a workaround, you can do this using Supplemental CLI.


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I dont get it...you want to enter the ip in the template but then all Switches with that template will get the same ip. Why would you want to dothat?

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Dilraj Singh Khalsa

I get you. But yes, you can’t configure an IP through template UI. There is no such option available yet.

I suggested supplemental CLI expecting you want to do it via XIQ only and so for that, you need a separate SCLI template for each device with a unique IP address to whatever you want to set.