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 2 nos BR-VDX6740-24-F in HA mode & vcs mode logical chassis

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ddpatil89 posted 11-18-2019 03:30

I need to install 2 vdx BR-VDX6740-24-F switches which can act in HA in a fabric using logical chassis mode. Please provide me configuration guide for OS 7.2.0b.

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Yulia Abitbul

Here is the configuration guide:

Page 32 - Basic VCS fabric configuration

In general:

  1. set the same vcsid and unique rbid “vcs vcsid <same #> set-rbridge-id <unique for each switch>
  2. connect ISL link between switches (should be at least 10G)
  3. check with “show vcs” command
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Thanks for the config guide. Till now I upgrades both the vdx 6740 to stable firmware, configured them in logical chassis mode & connected them using ISL links to form a fabric.


Now I want to configure them to support FCoE protocol as I am going to connect them to storage servers. Can you please share me the FCoE configuration guide.