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 Aerohive integration with Active Directory with LDAPS

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domagoj.kusanic posted 09-25-2020 10:17



in one of our offices we have deployment with 3 Aerohive access points and one of them serves as a RADIUS server. We integrated it with our Active Directory and doing simple LDAP queries to it. We need to change settings so that in future queries would use LDAPS instead of LDAP.

My question is - is it enough to just check the box in front of Enable TLS encryption and that should do it or is there any other configuration changes that needs to be done (see picture)?


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Sam Pirok

There is the following note in the help guide for XIQ regarding enabling TLS Authentication: Before configuring TLS authentication between the RADIUS server/LDAP client and the LDAP server, you must import the following files: (1) the CA certificate that the LDAP server is using, (2) an LDAP client certificate issued by that CA for the Extreme Networks device to use, and (3) the private key that corresponds to the LDAP client certificate.


You can read more about that on this page: