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froggy posted 09-02-2021 14:45


We have two large buildings and several small off site offices. What is the recommended structure of sites in XCC when you have this type of wireless network? We have several floors and offices within the large buildings (Hospitals) and is in this two sites that we will have our WLCs (2 for each of the large sites). I created one site for each of the off site offices and the two main hospitals. Within each of the sites I am planning on adding the floor plans for each office/floor. So for instance, in one of the main sites we have several floors and dr offices so i will add a floor plan for each of these. The reason im asking is because of the RF Policy. We are new to extreme wireless so please forgive me if my question does not make sense. We dont have the Wing OS in our WLC we have XCC (from what i was told) and the videos that I’ve watched on wireless are based on the wing OS and there are several options that i dont see in our WLC and one of the things mention there and they said is really important is the RF manager (RF policy) configuration. So from what i understand in our current situation we will have to make sure that our WLCs are not the RF managers because of the several off site offices so that the APs can designate a RF manager. 


I hope my question makes sense and thank you in advance.


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You are mixing RF Manager and RF Management Policy.

The RF Management Policy in a site in XCC is exposing the following parameters for the configuration of the APs like SSID, MTU, VLAN, 802.1X credentials, etc

The Radio Profile is more for channel, power and interferences

You can re-use an RF Management Policy between several sites if you have the same SSID there.

I use this a lot to keep the things simple.

Modifying one object can adapt the config on multiple sites.


There is a high added value to go for site structure.

Please check here https://www.extremenetworks.com/support/documentation/extreme-campus-controller-latest-documentation/ for the deployment guide.


FYI we manage here with a couple of XCC 27 sites with 2100+ APs. The version is 5.36




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 thanks for your quick answer and thank you for clarifying that. 




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Ovais Qayyum

Hi Froggy,

I will add some points to Mig’s response in order to bring more clarity:

1- XCC does not use the concept of RF Domain Manager which is an AP elected per remote site and coordinates the communication between the remote site APs and the controller in the NOC. This coordination also includes Smart-RF channel and power changes. Therefore, having an RF Domain Manager elected in a remote site deployment was important to keep such RF mgmt. decisions local to the site.  

2- RF Domain Managers are only applicable to ExtremeWireless WiNG deployments and not XCC.

3- In case of XCC, the RF mgmt. is performed by XCC controller even for the remote site APs. It does so by collecting the feedback from the APs on that site and then takes a decision based on the RF mgmt. policy configured in the system.    

4- As Mig mentioned, the RF Mgmt. Policy can be re-used for all sites or it can be diff. per site. This is subjective and depends on the type of RF environment. You may need to create diff. RF mgmt. policies for an office space versus a warehouse.  




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 I really appreciate you clarifying that.