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 Universal Hardware Firmware showing In XMC after upload?

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Martin Flammia posted 09-02-2021 16:52


Just in the process of uploading universal hardware firmware to XMC, but after upload it will not show.

XMC version is

Firmware uploading is summit_arm-

As per below, the firmware uploads without issue, but can never get it to show up in the list. I am using the refresh button on the XMC page.

Logging in and out and clearing cache

Maybe only support in IQ-SE maybe?


Many thanks in advance.

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Hello Martin,


according to this page (https://emc.extremenetworks.com/content/common/releasenotes/extended_firmware_support_8.5.htm)

the software you mentioned is not supported by XMC with version 8.5.
However, it is supported by XIQ SiteEngine.

Here is the link to the home page, with it you can check the official support of the Switch software versions in combination with XMC.


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Martin Flammia

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for posting and providing the link, that is really useful.

The customer hasn’t moved to subscription based licensing yet, so will go to version 31.1.0.x on the 5220’s instead, and upgrade if / when XMC goes to IQ-SE.



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Martin Flammia

Looking into it I can’t seem to download a 5520 firmware version lower then, whereas the lowest supported version in XMC 8.5.5 is 31.1.0.x, so might be stuck here!

If I find out anything different I will post back.