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monkeybusiness posted 09-30-2020 15:59


I’m trying to figure out the EOL-dates regarding VDX8770, if I look in the “Products that have reached End of Sale (Excel)” It looks like it went End Of Sale in 09/01/2017 but I cant find any EOS-notice.

So does anyone know if this information is correct and does this mean the EOSM is 09/01/2017+36 months or something else?

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It is still on the  price list in the partner portal and can be ordered and is not currently on the EOL/EOS list. 

If you are referring to:

This document shows an older order number (from Brocade times). 

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Thank you, then it makes much more sense.

I was looking in

And I see now that the PID looks a bit off e.g. NA-VDX8770-4-BND-AC