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 change switch mode from Distributed to Local-Only

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WaelAboulWafa posted 09-03-2021 10:50

Hi Colleagues ,

we have a VDX6740 brocade switch which shows the following output :

sw0# sh vcs
Config Mode    : Distributed
VCS Mode       : Logical Chassis
VCS ID         : 1


is there any command(s)  to make it read :

sw0# show vcs
Config Mode    : Local-Only
VCS Mode       : Fabric Cluster
VCS ID         : 1


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Michael Andreas Dinius

Hi ,

6740 with SW version > NOS 7.1x only supports Logical Chassis Mode (LC) .

So for VCS Fabric Cluster mode you  probably need to downgrade the switch. However that SW version would be out of support .

Actual SW version is 7.4.1x  ( LC )



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Thank you very much Michael