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 Hivemanager - What is ist

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NEUling posted 09-01-2021 16:52

Hello Im from Germany and get a AP170

I can connect it with its IP adress but where I can configure it? 

I read about hivemanager- is it a software or what is it? 
I cannot find a software like this ;o( 

thanks, Ron 

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Hello Ron,

Hivemanager is an old name of Aerohive. With the acquisition of Aerohive by Extreme Networks, the management was renamed to ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ).
The easiest way to get started is to manage via the cloud. There are different versions with different functionalities. A simple start is possible free of charge.
Here you can find information about the different versions:

and here you can create a free account and start with the configuration after registration:

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Hello Ron,

one further hint. The free account is called “ExtremeCloud IQ Connect”.