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 Help? The device appears to be in use by another VIQ.

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manfred.janzen posted 05-29-2021 13:26

As some other help seeking people I also got some unused AP230 devices spend from friends.

I have all the registration data needed to proof I do really got those in my hands and control. But I cannot register them to my free ExtremeCloud IQ. My Friends don’t have the posibility (or know how or mood) to unregister these devices. Devices should not be in use for years (exept my attemps end of april 2020).


SN 1: 02301409151116
SN 2: 02301409151183 


Would be glad to reuse them privately with my ExtremeCloud IQ. Could they be unregistered from the old myhive.aerohive.com accounts?

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Robert Zarzycki

Please call GTAC for assistance with this request:

support toll-free number in your country: www.extremenetworks.com/support/contact