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 VDX6740T support DHCP snooping?

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jderington posted 06-18-2019 13:23
I'm new to Brocade and Extreme networks. I'm trying to find what all the VDX6740T device supports, specifically DHCP snooping. We are wanting to configure DHCP snooping among other security protocols in our network but I don't see the options in the device. When I type "ip ?" or "dchp ?", i get an error or no dhcp options.

It very possible that it just needs to be upgraded. It's currently on the 5.0.2c version, pretty old. But when I search for what is supported in the later versions, I can't seem to find it. Is DHCP snooping just not possible on this device?
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Truyen Phan

Unfortunately, DHCP Snooping is not available on the VDX platforms.

Below is the data sheet for reference:
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Thank you for your help, exactly what I was looking for!