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 Question regarding BR-VDX6740 and SNMP (specific OID for bootimage or software version).

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sebastiaanv posted 03-18-2021 14:45

Hi all,

Looking for a specific SNMP OID for the  BR-VDX6740 which retrieves the bootimage or software version but no luck so far. I already tried to walk through entPhysicalEntry but relevant items like entPhysicalFirmwareRev(9) and entPhysicalSoftwareRev(10) come up empty.

PS Not looking for the sysDescr, just looking for a simple returnstring with bootimage, firmware or software version.

Thanks in advance for any help!



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Mick Day

Hi Sebastian,

You should be able to retrieve the software version using the OID swFirmwareVersion

Also link to MIB guide: Link

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Hi Mick,

That works like a charm, thanks! 

The MIB guide is also very useful.